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This much anticipated special 78 min release features 14 tracks from the Mithras vaults. Airing both unheard rarities and remastered demos from the 1998-2003 chapter in their 11 year history, the booklet includes loads of old pictures and extensive liner notes from Rayner Coss and Leon Macey, with additional contributions from early members, including Liam Kavanagh (ex-guitarist / producer), Steve Crompton (ex guitarist) and Justin Joyce (ex drummer).

CD tracklisting:
T1 Gods Among Men
T2 Ancient Prophecy
T3 The Caller And The Listener (Demo)
T4 Bequeath Thy Visions (Demo)
T5 Transcendence (Demo
T6 Vae Solis (Demo)
T7 Dreaming In Splendour (Demo)
T8 Wrath Of God (Demo)
T9 Tomb Of Kings (Demo)
T10 As The Wind Blows (Demo)
T11 Conquered Realms
T12 Gods Among Men
T13 Ancient Prophecy
T14 Plagued Lands

'TIME NEVER LASTS' - EP cd -£1.99

Promo CD Ep (in clear plastic wallet with booklet) featuring 2 demo tracks from 'On Strange Loops' and 3 professionally mixed live tracks, released September 1, 2011 .

CD tracklisting:
T1 Time Never Lasts
T2 Inside The Godmind
T3 Tomb Of Kings (Live)
T4 Wrath Of God (Live)
T5 Beyond The Eyes Of Man (Live)

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